Prevent Serious Injury During the Chicago Winter Season

A close up of snowy outdoor stairs and a person's gloved hand sprinkling sand on the steps for traction Wintertime in the Chicago area has some inherent hazards that increase your risk for serious personal injury. If you are injured, you could be facing expensive medical care, missed work days, and a lot of pain. Below, we describe some of the ways you can lower the risk of winter injuries.

Check your windshield wipers. If you’re caught on the road in a snow or rain storm, your windows need to be clear so you can see. Inspect your wiper blades to look for signs of wear, or test them out with washer fluid to see if the liquid isn’t completely cleared by the blades. Replace if necessary.

Completely clear your vehicle of snow. Snow that falls from your car during travel could block your view or obscure the view of other motorists whose windshields the snow flies into. Getting all the snow off your car before you get on the road is a good safety measure.

Wear rubber-soled shoes with good traction. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to prevent a slip and fall on ice, but wearing winter-ready shoes will help.

Walk with short steps and use available handrails. Long strides or running may make a fall more likely. Slow down and take short steps to prevent slipping.

Make sure your phone is fully charged. You should be able to call for help if you do find yourself injured and unable to get up.

Eliminate distractions. Even when you’re walking, it’s important to avoid distractions like texting and stay alert to your surroundings so you can prevent slips and falls, and keep an eye out for motorists and cyclists who could cross your path.

How Do I Know if the Accident Was Caused by Someone Else?

If you suffer a personal injury that was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you may have a case to pursue maximum compensation with the help of our experienced attorneys. Although a slip on the ice may seem like the fault of the weather, sometimes it is a property owner’s responsibility to make sure the area is reasonably safe and free from conditions that are likely to cause injury. These cases can be complex, so it’s important to choose an experienced injury attorney. For a case review, please contact Sklare Law Group in Chicago.

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