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Under Illinois' personal injury law, property owners have certain obligations toward those who lawfully visit that property. You are expected to ensure that your home or business meets reasonable standards of safety.

It's understood that people can make mistakes and get hurt on another person's property through their own mistakes and not the negligence of the property owner. But such negligence does exist, and it can seriously hurt an innocent victim.

Our experienced premises liability lawyers can help if you suffered an injury while on property belonging to another person or organization.

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What Is Premises Liability?

Think of a Chicago-area big box store – a Target, a Wal-Mart, whichever your prefer. Now imagine the actual physical store – the walls, the ceiling, the floors and all of the equipment and material inside of it.

Premises liability law is concerned with the safety of the physical building and all surrounding property (parking lots, loading docks, etc.). Under the relevant laws, the owners of the big box store and its facilities must ensure that the building is safe and poses no danger to those who enter it lawfully.

What exactly does this mean? Here are some specific examples of cases that fall under premises liability:

  • Slip and fall cases, such as those relating to wet floors or snowy, ice-covered sidewalks
  • Insufficient security, leading to criminal action that results in an injury to an innocent person
  • Poorly stocked merchandise falling on customers
  • Insufficient lighting
  • General poor maintenance of facilities

Now, we're using a massive big box store for this example, but these obligations apply to everyone who owns property, including home owners. If someone is legally on your property, they have a right to expect reasonable precautions have been taken to keep the property safe.

Does your injury make for a viable premises liability case? You might not think so, but many clients are surprised to learn that they have a case. The only way to know for sure is to arrange a free consultation with our attorneys to discuss your story.

If you want to speak with our experienced premises liability lawyers in Chicago, Illinois, please call the Sklare Law Group today at (312) 759-1616 for a free consultation.

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