Tips for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

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Maintaining safety on the road is always a priority, whether you are a motorcyclist or a motorist. Road users should always strive to ensure they are keen on the road to avoid preventable accidents leading to injuries or deaths.

At Sklare Law Group, we uphold the fact that May is the perfect time to remind motorists and motorcyclists about the safety measures they need to implement on the road.

Importance of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

As people prepare to make the most of the long vacations and relaxed schedules, spring is a great time to hit the roads. Sadly, the spike in the number of riders on the road often leads to accidents.

For that reason, May is perceived as the ideal time to remind road users to maintain safety at all times. The following tips are helpful in enhancing road safety:

Increase visibility

One of the main reasons riders get involved in accidents with cars is because they don’t make themselves visible enough to be spotted. Motorcyclists should make themselves visible by wearing the right gear and staying away from drivers’ blind spots.

Be cautious at intersections

It’s a common thing to find cars crashing with motorcycles in intersections. Riders and car drivers should be extra keen at intersections to prevent this from happening. Drivers should confirm the road is clear before making turns. On the other hand, riders should clearly indicate the direction they want to turn to avoid collisions.

Avoid lane sharing

Most of our busy roads are wide enough to give ample space for motorcyclists. Drivers should be wary of approaching riders and give way where necessary. Sharing lanes isn’t advisable as this increases the likelihood of accidents occurring.

Practice active awareness

It’s every rider’s responsibility to be alert when riding on the roads. This means being careful when using roads with potholes, keeping their headlights on, always leaving a safe braking distance, etc.

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