Truck Accidents More Likely to Cause Death & Catastrophic Injury

Truck Accidents More Likely to Cause Death & Catastrophic Injury The maximum weight of a semi-truck is 80,000 pounds, so it’s not surprising that these behemoths are more likely to cause death and catastrophic injury in the event of a crash. What is surprising is the rate at which these fatal accidents occur. In 2012, 3,921 men, women and children lost their lives in truck crashes and 104,000 were injured according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That means more than 10 people die and approximately 284 are injured every day due to commercial trucks, but why do these truck accidents happen?

Truck drivers face overwhelming demands as the need to ship goods and the pressure for faster delivery increases. This pressure causes drivers to break safety regulations, and many resort to substance abuse to meet the strict drop off and pickup times. Whether a truck accident is caused by lack of sleep, drug use or poor truck maintenance, the outcome is devastating for everyone involved.

Recoverable Damages for Death & Catastrophic Injury

The death of a loved one is a tragic loss, especially when the circumstances behind the death could have been prevented. Our Chicago attorney, Richard Sklare, can help you find justice for the wrongful death of your loved one and recover compensation for:

  • Medical expenses.
  • Funeral costs.
  • Loss of income.
  • Loss of companionship.
  • Pain and suffering.

Catastrophic injuries refer to an injury that has a permanent, far-reaching impact on your overall quality of life. This often involves a spinal cord injury, brain injury, burn injury or amputation. Recoverable damages for catastrophic injuries include:

  • Loss of income
  • Permanent disability or disfigurement
  • Past, present and future medical costs
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Home modifications

Catastrophic injuries and death are more likely to occur in truck accidents due to the sheer size and weight of the commercial vehicles. These accidents are largely preventable, and our attorney can help you hold the truck driver or trucking company responsible for your pain and suffering.

If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one, call Richard Sklare in Chicago today at 1-800-LAW-0300 to schedule your free case evaluation. Sklare Law Group serves clients in Chicago and throughout Northern Illinois.

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