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As we've discussed throughout this site, driving safely and in accordance with all relevant laws doesn't guarantee your safety while operating your motorcycle. All it takes is one negligent driver and you can find yourself in a serious motorcycle accident.

However, it's still absolutely vital that you follow all of the laws for operating a motorcycle that are set down by the state of Illinois and whatever municipality you are in at the time. These laws are passed for your protection.

Furthermore, assiduously following all traffic laws will make any future legal action you pursue all the more compelling. If you break a law, even a minor one, an opposing attorney or insurance company might seize on that as an excuse to reduce your compensation.

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Relevant Laws And Safety Guidelines

The following laws represent an important cross-section of the laws that are relevant to motorcycle operators in Illinois. We urge you to follow all of them.

But we also urge you to consider following these laws as the bare minimum you do on the road, not the maximum. You have little margin for error on a motorcycle, and it's crucial you drive defensively, recognizing that car and truck drivers might not provide you with the same courtesy.

Important laws to be aware of include:

Safety helmets are not required for drivers or passengers

  • Unless your motorcycle comes with a wind screen, you must wear eye protection
  • One rear-view mirror is required
  • You must drive with your headlight on during daytime
  • Handgrips must be below shoulder height

The helmet law (or lack thereof) is worth mentioning here. You are not required by the state to wear a helmet while you drive your motorcycle, nor are your passengers required to wear helmets.

However, we urge you to wear a helmet at all times. A sound helmet can be the difference between a painful motorcycle accident and one that results in a devastating, life-altering brain injury. Furthermore, wearing a helmet can protect your legal options- if you suffer a head injury while not wearing a helmet, opposing attorneys might argue that your compensation should be limited, as your decision played a role in the severity of your injury.

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