Determining What Your Car Accident Case is Worth

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TRANSCRIPT: There's a variety of elements that go into determining what a car accident case is worth. We start, number one, with reimbursement of your medical bills. Then we look at how much pain and suffering did you go through and experience. We may look at how does this affect your loss of normal life? We'll look at such issues of were you disfigured, were you scarred, do you have a permanent injury, did you lose wages at work? We'll look into all those factors but typically the value of the case will be predicated, will be determined by how bad you're hurt. The bigger the injury, the bigger the reward. Smaller injuries usually get smaller awards. But we take each case on an individual basis, and most importantly, we don't look at you as just a number. We make sure that we maximize each recovery we make for our clients.

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