3 of the Most Common Construction Site Accidents in Chicago

Construction site accidents kill hundreds of workers every year. Slip and falls, electrocutions and auto accidents are some of the most common in Illinois. Chicago is an ever-growing city, and with this growth comes the need for newer, taller buildings and smooth roadways. This provides many Chicagoans with a steady income, but it also puts workers at risk of catastrophic injury and death. There are a thousand and one ways to be injured on a construction site. These are just three of the most common construction site accidents:

1. Slips and Falls

Our city is known for its grand architecture and skyscrapers. On any given day, there are dozens of construction workers hanging sky-high on scaffolding and ladders. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports falls make up 34 percent of construction worker deaths. Uneven grounds, unknown holes and miscellaneous tools and objects cause slip and fall accidents, which can also lead to severe injuries.

2. Car & Truck Accidents

Construction workers are constantly surrounded by materials and heavy machinery that could seriously maim or kill them. With consistent roadwork along Chicago highways, these employees are also at risk of being hit by passing vehicles and semi-trucks. Just last month, a construction worker was hit and killed on I-65 by a driver who lost control of her motor vehicle. These auto accidents can largely be prevented, but distracted drivers are more likely to miss changing speed limits and upcoming construction.

3. Electrocutions

The construction of new buildings and homes involves installing complex electrical systems. This process leaves power lines or wires exposed. Electrocution is the fourth leading cause of death on construction sites in America, and approximately 143 workers are fatally injured each year by electricity.

Workers compensation typically covers the cost of construction site accidents and resulting injuries, but your settlement may not take into consideration the long-term effects the accident will have on you and your loved ones. Our Chicago lawyer, Richard Sklare, can help you file your workers compensation or wrongful death claim.

If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a construction site accident, please call Sklare Law Group in Chicago today at (800) LAW-0300 to schedule your FREE consultation. Our lawyers serve clients in Chicago, Illinois and surrounding areas.

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