Why Do I Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

A man kneels down in a warehouse to pick up boxes grabs his back and winces in pain If you’ve been injured at work, workers’ compensation benefits pay you for your necessary medical expenses and to replace a portion of your lost income. While hiring an attorney is not required to secure your benefits, our attorneys can work to ensure all phases of the process are completed correctly:

  • Prepare the claim
  • File the claim
  • Appeal a denied claim if necessary

The process involves a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy. Our attorneys know that system, inside and out, which means we know the common missteps claimants make. We ensure your claim is airtight, thereby reducing the chance it will be denied. We also appeal denied claims.

The majority of employers are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance, but not all. If you do not have these benefits through your job, we can determine if there is another way to pursue compensation, such as a lawsuit against the party responsible for your injury.

If your employer does carry workers’ compensation insurance and if you are covered under the policy, you cannot sue your employer. Your employer also cannot put any blame on you for the incident that injured you (except in rare circumstances, such as intoxication that led to the injury). That being said, if the cause of the work injury is linked to the negligence of an outside party (the manufacturer of defective work equipment, for example), then you are likely eligible to file a lawsuit against that party. A free consultation with our attorneys is necessary to determine your options.

Work injuries can be really serious. In addition to hospitalization, you may require surgery or other invasive and expensive treatments. You may need physical therapy, chiropractic therapy and other rehabilitative services. All of these things and more you will need money to pay for. Let us help you pursue maximum payment for these costs. Our attorneys do all of the heavy lifting so that you can focus on getting better.

To find out how our experienced Chicago work injury attorneys can assist you with your compensation claim, please call Sklare Law Group for a complimentary consultation at 312-263-0771.

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