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If you've been hurt during the course of your employment, and your employer and/or their insurance company has not determined if you should receive a benefit check, I'd advise seeking the advice of an attorney. The reason being is because an attorney will be able to make an evaluation if you're entitled to off-work benefit pay.

To be entitled to off-work benefit pay, you need to know from your doctor, establishing what your injury is, that your injury is associated with your accident at work, and that of course that injury precludes you from working due to the extent of that injury. If in fact you meet those three basic elements, then the insurance company is responsible to pay your off-work benefit pay. And as previously mentioned on other videos, your benefit pay equals two-thirds, or sixty-seven percent, of your gross pay per week. So as an example, if you have a gross pay per week of six hundred dollars, and you're off of work, two-thirds or sixty-seven percent would be four hundred dollars. And that four hundred dollars is tax free and should be issued to you every week or every two weeks depending on the pay cycle while you're off work recovering from your injuries until the doctors deem you're well enough to return to light-duty status, if light duty's offered. Or full-duty status because your injury's healed up.

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