Do I Have To See a Company Doctor?

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The short answer is yes, you do have to see a company doctor. But there are certain exceptions to that, which we will deal with later. First and foremost is, let's say you're injured on the job, and there's a company clinic that they want to send you to. Go to the company clinic. Have the doctor make an assessment of your condition. That does not count as one of your two doctor choices. You can go back to your doctor for care and treatment, and see what your doctor's opinion is of your injury. If your doctor's opinion differs from the company doctor, you have the right to rely on your doctor's opinion for care and treatment, and your work status. Likewise, your company has the right to rely on their doctor's opinion. If the doctors' opinions differ as we discussed, one option is to go and have a hearing in front of the arbitrator. A second option is for an independent medical exam to be set up by the company to make a determination what your care and treatment should be and what your work status should be.

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