How Do You Differentiate Your Law Firm?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: I've been practicing since 1994 in the area of injury law. Me and my brother, Richard Sklare, decided to become partners and open up the Sklare Law Group. When we decided to open up together, one of the complaints that past clients, who have come to me from other law firms, had made was that they weren't getting the services that they expected from the attorneys that they hired. They weren't getting phone calls back. They weren't getting the explanations of how their cases are going, what the end game is, what the goal was. We decided together that we wanted to treat our clients as family members. And how would you treat your family member? Your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your cousins or your kids. You'd want them to be treated with respect. You'd want them to be informed of what's going on with their case. You'd want them to be updated what's going on with their case, and you want them involved in their case. It's their case. They've hired you. So I've always taken the perspective, and so has my brother, that if somebody hires us, we are going to perform as if they're our family member. And if somebody called and said I'm not getting the service that I want, we give them our direct line, we'll give them our cell phone number and we'll make sure they get the service necessary to answer any and all questions about their case, moving forward from the first day that they contact us until a settlement and we shake hands and hand you a check at the end of the case. That is one of our guarantees for all of our clients, that we try to adhere to and live up to those standards, because those are the standards we would like for us and our family members.

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