What Are My Rights As An Injured Worker?

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TRANSCRIPT: If you're injured during the course of your employment, there's three basic elements of protection you have. First, of course, if you're injured you're entitled to medical care and treatment. Medical care and treatment is broken down to a few sections. First and foremost is, in the state of Illinois, you're entitled to two medical providers of your choice to be seen for medical care and treatment. There are certain exceptions, such as if your employer has what's called a preferred provider plan. What that means is if they have a group of doctors, which they are allowed to send you to for care and treatment, that counts as your first choice. Your second choice is a doctor that you choose individually. Now, if you choose your own doctor, word to the wise, make sure that your doctor has the option of referring you to specialists, such as an orthopaedic specialist or physical therapist, because once you have your first choice of doctor, any doctor or specialist they send you to is within that chain of referral and that still counts as your first medical choice. So you'd like as many referrals as possible because that chain can extend and get you to multiple doctors or medical facilities and that still counts as your first option. Your second right as an injured worker, of course, is if the doctor's deemed your injury is severe enough to be off of work, you're entitled to benefits. Benefits you're entitled to are called TTD benefits. And these benefits are 67 percent or two-thirds of your gross pay per week. So for example, if your gross pay per week was $600, you're entitled to a check from the workers' compensation insurance company for two-thirds of that amount, which is $400 a week while you're off work recovering from your injuries. And third, way down the line, when you're healthy and discharged from the doctors, and you're well again, and you return back to full duty work status, you're entitled to a settlement. And that settlement will be determined by the extent of your injuries. Those are your basic elements of protection as an injured worker.

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