What Do I Have to Pay a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

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TRANSCRIPT: The State of Illinois regulates the percentage that a workers' compensation attorney can charge for handling a workers' compensation case. And that rate is set at 20 percent of the amount that's recovered on the injured party's behalf. If your case settles, just picking a figure, for $10,000, $2,000 would be the 20 percent fee that would go to the lawyer. The lawyer in our case, our law firm, does not ask for our clients to put any retainer down, for expenses for getting records, taking depositions, or transcripts which are required to move the case forward. So you will never pay me a dollar out of your pocket for us to represent you. We're strictly on a contingent fee basis, meaning our 20 percent fee of what we recover on your behalf. At the end of the case, we do recoup our expenses, and that's on top of a settlement, so if a settlement's for $10,000 like we discussed, and my fee is $2,000, and our expenses are $250, we get $2,000 back for our fee and $250 for our expenses, and the rest would go to you, the injured party who hired us to represent you.

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