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nursing home No matter how thoroughly you investigate an extended care facility, unethical and reprehensible nursing home staff may be able to conceal the warning signs of abuse and negligence. If your loved one has taken deathly ill, has sores, or is peculiarly reclusive, s/he may be a victim of abuse. You should first contact the police or a nursing home abuse hotline. Then, consult with an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer to attain justice for your loved one.

Examples of Nursing Home Abuse 

Nursing home abuse is a criminal offense, but your loved one can pursue financial compensation in civil court to recover from the harm s/he endured as a result of the abuse. There are several forms of nursing home abuse you should learn.

Financial Abuse

Suppose your loved one has money set aside in a retirement plan or savings account. After being in the nursing home, the money starts to deplete inexplicably. Later, you learn that a staff member had stolen your loved one’s information and used it to withdraw money from the account. This is an unfortunate incident many of our clients experience too often.

Sexual Abuse

If your loved one is bleeding from the pelvic area or has marks around her or his intimate areas–and other possible explanations have been ruled out–it is likely that sexual abuse is occurring.

Physical Abuse

Slapping, pinching, spitting on, and choking are all forms of physical abuse. Repeatedly spotting fresh bruises, welts, or swelling on your loved one’s body is highly indicative of physical abuse. If your relative shows signs of malnourishment and claims food is being withheld, this is also an example of physical abuse.

Do You Need a Reliable Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer?

Our team at Sklare Law Group is available 24/7 to take your calls. Putting an end to nursing home abuse means that much to us. It is equally of utmost importance that we take all approaches in making your loved one whole again. That is why we have same-day appointments. Is your loved one ready to be compensated for the unfair abuse s/he has received? Then take advantage of our free consultations and call 312-759-1616 to speak with one of our seasoned attorneys.

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